What we do

The Eleven band offers corporate and wedding entertainment services.  As a premium band, we specialize in high-energy dance parties for weddings, corporate events, private functions and brand activations.  You’ll get a never cheesy, always hip, forever fresh, and superbly dynamic performance at each event.  Whether elegant lounge or warm and loving dinner music to a raging dance party, we understand the role music has in shaping your event experience.

Why The Eleven?  

The number 11 signifies so much!  Intuition, inspiration, illumination, charisma, dynamic energy and most of all positive vibes!  

Our energy inspires.  Our music incites.  Our vibes attract our tribe.  Our tribe you ask? It’s YOU!  Our clients are inspired, fun, cool, have a discerning taste in music, and want to kick back, laugh, smile, hug, love, and dance the night away!  

Our Story

Performing together for 8 years, the musicians who form The Eleven are clearly family.  One of the greatest compliments we receive after our performances are when guests tell us that we look so happy and that we clearly enjoy ourselves and each other and love what we do.  Bullseye.  They couldn’t have described us better.  

Our musicians are accomplished, professional, kind, and excited to bring an energetic and dynamic performance to each event!


The Eleven starts as a standard 9pc band and can be as large as a 20 piece band.  If you are looking for a smaller band, do not hesitate to inquire as we do customize the ensemble depending on your date and needs.

The 9 piece configuration is:  Keys, bass, drums, guitar, 2 male vocalists, 2 female vocalists, and saxophone.  

Many clients choose to add pieces as the guest count grows larger.  Add on options include additional horns, violins, percussionists and at times, specialty vocalists for international music.

You may use musicians from the band for cocktail hour or ceremony at an additional fee.  These musicians can be decided on after booking the core band for your main reception.  You don’t have to decide now and it’s often best to chat with the bandleader to discuss your music vision in order to select the right instruments for your song choices.

We have performed across the U.S. and internationally.  Event locations include Los Angeles, San Francisco, Mexico, Italy, Jamaica, Boston, NYC, DC, Miami, Vermont, and Maine, along with many others.  Simply let us know your event date, guest count, and location and we can put together a custom quote.